Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is a watercolor my six year old daughter painted.
It’s of a quartet of plastic gnomes she collects called go-gos.  (at least I think they’re called go-gos.  The font on the package is so stylized it’s quite possible they’re really po-pos.  In which case I will still call them go-gos.)  They come in packages of three, and since each package costs $2.99, that means each go-go costs one dollar.
That seems kind of expensive.  Have you ever seen a go-go?  They’re the size of a molar.  (The bit above the gumline, I mean.  The roots on some those suckers can be quite frightening.)  Having said that, the painting is really cool.  My favorite is the little dude third from the left.  Isn’t he cute?  He looks like he just climbed out his burrow to go for a walk with his friends, saw how shitty the sky looks and is now contemplating going back inside.

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  1. Oh gawd--I thought I was the only parent out there enduring the "go-go" trend. My 8 y/o boy has turned my desk into his display shelf for them. Every once in a while one falls off and I get to step on it ><' My son likes the pink one in your daughter's picture as well ^ ^