Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet the Fiends Living in my Sock Drawer

Meekius Meu-Meu (or Mickie, as she's known by the sycophants in her writing circle) is the award winning author of 'Oinkus the Pig' and "Butterfly on my Bum'.  The funny thing is I didn't know she was a writer until she offered to proofread the final draft of my debut novel.  (for a fee, of course)  Naturally, I was skeptical; Miniature Pinschers are bred to attack things with their face, not edit novels, but after discussing it with my wife, I decided to give it a go.

It took roughly two weeks, and when I got my story back, I was surprised to discover my manuscript chock full of little post-it notes filled with remarks (sarcastic, mostly) on how it could be improved.   It turns out Mickie is not a fan of my work.  In fact, she hated everything about it, from the plot right down to the characters' names.  I'll admit: I was devastated, but I eventually recovered, to the point where now when she brings up my story, I swat her on the bum and tell her to quit pooping behind the television.