Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Harold Fendeneez, Esquire

William Kenney sent me this.  It's a drawing of one of the main characters in my novel, Escaping Entry.  Isn't it great?  I always pictured Harold as foreign.  North African, or Asian.  Or maybe Indian.  (With a fondness for swords and porcelain teacups.)

I have to say, it's very neat seeing someone else's rendition of a character I created.  Odd as well.  For this Harold is no longer 'mine'.

Makes me wonder what it's like for an author when he sees his story on the big screen.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He Used to be Someone

Happened across this photo of American actor, Edwin Booth.  Can you believe it's 140 years old?


I wonder, while posing, if he ever thought people would be still looking at him so far into the future? (him posing, not me posing. I'm slouching)

It's things like this that start me thinking.  I mean, everyone alive in the world at the moment that photograph was taken is dead now.  Even the babies.  Makes me ask, 140 years from now, when everyone I know is long buried, will people be looking at images of me?

(btw, his brother's the man what shot Abraham Lincoln)