Monday, July 18, 2011

Changing Brain

I broke my finger ten years ago.  (Is it legal to use that many hyphens?)

I was playing football and a brief lapse in my three dimensional sensory abilities resulted in the ball bouncing violently off my left ring finger, fracturing the bone and snapping the tendon.

I was worried I would need surgery, but fortunately only a splint (and eight weeks) was needed for the thing to heal back to normal.

Or should I say “nearly normal” as the finger mended itself in a slightly bendy sort of way. (It bends and wiggles in a noticeably weaker fashion than it had before the accident.)

Interestingly this weakness has leached it’s way into the entire hand, and I’ve noticed myself doing things with my right hand that not too long ago I would have been doing with my left.

Like twisting off lids from jars of pasta sauce.

It’s a strange feeling, this shift in handedness.  I can actually feel it changing my brain.  Making me more literal, more prone to logic than I used to be.

I have to say I don’t like it.

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