Monday, June 27, 2011

The Mistakes

Today’s entry is an experiment.  You see I’m going to attempt to write without correcting any mistakes I might make.  That includes rewording sentences and paragraphs I’m not particularly happy with.

I won’t call it one of those free flowing exercises a person uses to see if a meddling energy is nearby. (although I know you’re out there, you sneaky bastards!)  What’s that called again?  Automatic writing?  I’ve a funny story about automatic writing: 

I had a friend in high school that was into “extrasensory type things” and one morning he attempted automatic writing while skipping class in the school library.  He cleared his mind of the day’s happenings, held his pen loosely between his thumb and index finger and proceeded to scribble “Fuck You” all over his notebook.  He swears it was the work of some kind of ghost.  I just think he had a lot of pent up anger.

Getting back to what I was saying: I’m trying this thing where I just write whatever comes to me without worrying about the mistakes I make. (real or imagined)

Normally I give myself no more than half-an-hour to bang out an entry. Usually I manage on less, but there are the nights where an hour seems far too short (Don’t ask what happens if I don’t make it under the self-imposed time limit as I seem to be bit lax when it comes to doling out repercussions.)

I have to say, things seem to be progressing at a comfortable pace; words are just strolling out onto the screen rather than stumbling like they usually do. And the most amazing part to this whole experiment is the apparent lack of spelling mistakes! 

Could it be the freedom of ignoring mistakes has kept me from making them?  Or could it be as simple as the opening paragraph to this entry was a lie?

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