Monday, March 12, 2012

9 Days and Counting

The 'For Sale' sign is up.  In nine days we are leaving Mission, BC for Ottawa, Ontario.

Just typing that gave me the dry heaves.  What are we doing moving across country like this?

I know my younger self would be very disappointed in me; at one point I disliked Canada's most populous province so much that if a fortune teller told me I would move there one day, I probably would have rented a time machine for the sole purpose of telling me not to do it.  (which would actually explain the whispers of 'you'll regret it' I hear every night while falling asleep.)

But we are doing it, and to be completely honest, I'm kind of excited.  We'll have a whole new city to explore, with lots of old buildings and gargoyles.  And I'll be able to eat poutine!  In Quebec!  Made by real Quebecers!

The only thing that worries me is the cold.  Here in Mission, it rarely falls below 0 degrees. (Celsius, for all those wondering)  Ottawa on the other hand, well, lets just say people are running around in t-shirts and shorts when the temperature hits -7...

Oh, it's probably not fair busting out the ellipsis like that.  There's nearly two million people living in the Greater Ottawa region, and they survive the winter just fine. (albeit with horribly chapped lips and staticky hair) And the cold there is a drier kind of cold, whatever that means. 

And however low the temperature drops, it has to be better than the weather in BC.  Did you know we haven't had a sunny day since September 28th, 2011?  And I don't expect there will be one until mid May.

No, it's a good thing we're getting out of here.  Being the sensitive artist type, the rain is slowly killing me.

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  1. You have to move there. That's where you become famous!