Friday, February 10, 2012

Julie the Carnivorous Rabbit

I'm thinking of writing a children's book.  It's about a little boy named Sam who adopts a rabbit, but because of global warming, the rabbit turns out to be a carnivore.  At first, Sam feeds the rabbit ground beef from the local butcher.  Meat, though, is expensive, and to save money, he feeds his family to the rabbit, beginning with his little brother, Louie.

Having two little girls of my own, I know stories should not only be fun, they should contain lessons as well.  So, Sam is environmentally conscious, burying his rabbit's leftovers in biodegradable garbage bags, and walking to school instead of taking the bus.  Also, because both his parents are eaten, he is forced to become more self-reliant.

I've never written a children's book before.  It's kind of exciting.

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